13th – 19th May: Gilly Gegg  exhibition of glass art

20th – 26th May:  Beverley Morgante Le Levier exhibition of paintings

27th May – 2nd June: David Stamp exhibition of paintings

3rd June – 9th June: William Dawson exhibition of paintings

10th – 23rd June: Colour with Passionexhibition of paintings

24th – 30th June: Porthleven Art Club exhibition of paintings

1st – 7th July: Take Four exhibition of paintings

8th -14th July: Donnette Bufton exhibition of paintings

15th – 21st July: Andrew Barrowman exhibition of paintings

22nd – 28th July: Seb West & Glyn Macey exhibition of painting

29th July – 4th August: David Stamp

5th – 11th August: Chris Holloway

12th – 18th August: Artworks

19th – 20th  August: Lifeboat Day

21st – 25th August: Harbour & Dock Company

26th August – 1st September: Linda Matthews & Friends

2nd – 8th September: Lesley Holmes 

9th – 15th September: Take Four  art exhibition

16th – 22nd September: Porthleven Art Club

23rd – 29th September: Cornwall Ceramics & Glass Group  exhibition

30th September – 7th October: Freedom in Painting with Ashley Hanson

8th – 13th October: Freedom in Painting with Ashley Hanson

14th – 20th October: Vitreus Art  stained glass workshop

21th – 27th October:  Noreen Todd exhibition

28th October – 4th November: Jane Bath exhibition

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